Manufacturing companies face numerous challenges when it comes to ensuring their physical security. Paramount Security understands the importance of safeguarding various aspects of your business, including your people, products, and sensitive information. While cybercrime is a growing concern, it is crucial to recognise that comprehensive protection begins with robust physical security measures.

Here are the top 5 physical security risks for manufacturers that must be addressed in your security strategy:

  1. Criminals & Staff Sabotage

While many companies focus on preventing unauthorised access from external threats, they often overlook the potential risks posed by their own staff. Unfortunately, employees who have access to sensitive data, stock, and security protocols can cause significant damage. Paramount Security emphasises the need for:

  • A robust physical security system to prevent unauthorised access and intrusions.
  • Regular audits to proactively identify and prevent sabotage.
  • Measures to detect and delay any criminal activities until authorities arrive.
  • Employee training and awareness programs to mitigate the risk of staff sabotage.
  1. Outdated Facilities or Equipment

Manufacturers must not only concentrate on future security enhancements but also assess existing vulnerabilities. Outdated facilities and equipment can provide easy access to unauthorised individuals or be susceptible to cyberattacks. Paramount Security recommends:

  • Conducting regular assessments to identify security weaknesses.
  • Implementing necessary upgrades to ensure the highest level of security.
  • Utilizing a free checklist provided by Paramount Security to identify potential vulnerabilities within your facilities.
  1. Unlicensed or Overwhelmed Security Personnel

The licensing and competence of your security personnel are crucial to maintaining a secure environment. Unlicensed security companies or overwhelmed security officers may compromise your business’s safety. Paramount Security advises:

  • Partnering with licensed and reputable security companies for comprehensive protection.
  • Ensuring security officers are adequately trained, competent, and compliant.
  • Maintaining an appropriate ratio of security officers to effectively respond to threats.
  • Conducting regular drills and training to keep security personnel vigilant and prepared.
  1. Lack of Training and Enforcement

Employees who are not trained on security protocols or lack awareness can inadvertently become security threats. Paramount Security stresses the importance of:

  • Regularly training employees on protocols, procedures, and cyber safety.
  • Enforcing security measures consistently to prevent lapses in security.
  • Designating dedicated personnel to troubleshoot and maintain security systems.
  • Practicing efficient and effective response to security incidents.
  1. Cybercrime

Cybercrime poses a significant threat to manufacturing companies, extending beyond computers and phones to any automated systems. Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in smart doors, security cameras, locks, and alarms to gain physical access. Paramount Security recommends:

  • Investing in security systems that can identify and troubleshoot physical security vulnerabilities.
  • Providing comprehensive training to employees on cyber safety and secure device usage.
  • Implementing robust security measures to protect against ransomware attacks.


By prioritising physical security, Paramount Security ensures the protection of your people, products, and confidential data. Our comprehensive security services cater to various sectors, including commercial, construction, and corporate. We offer free consultations to assess weaknesses in your site and provide tailored solutions such as threat awareness training and intrusion testing.

Contact Paramount Security today for expert advice and assistance in strengthening your manufacturing company’s physical security.