Finding the Most Effective Commercial Security Options for Your Business

In the realm of commercial security, businesses have a plethora of options to choose from. However, determining which measures will yield the best results is not always a simple task. Merely installing CCTV cameras and hoping for the best is unlikely to suffice.

To assist you in making an informed decision, we will concentrate on two highly sought-after commercial security solutions: mobile security patrols and manned guarding. We will outline how these solutions operate, highlight their disparities, and identify the types of businesses that are most suited to each option.


Enhancing Business Safety with Mobile Security Patrols and Manned Guarding


Mobile Security Patrols: Securing Your Premises with Vigilance

Mobile security patrols, a service provided by external security companies like Paramount Security, offer a proactive approach to safeguarding your business. Our highly trained and SIA licensed security officers conduct random visits to your premises during the night, weekends, and holiday shutdowns to ensure the utmost protection.

During their on-site patrols, our security officers physically inspect your property, verifying that everything is in order. As part of our comprehensive service, you can also request additional checks, such as identifying maintenance issues like burst pipes or ensuring all windows and doors are properly secured.

In immediate situations requiring attention, we promptly inform your business and, if necessary, coordinate with local law enforcement. Our officers generate detailed reports after each visit, providing electronic evidence of their presence by scanning prepositioned checkpoints. These reports may also include photographic documentation of any maintenance issues or other discoveries made during the patrol.

Manned Guarding: Building Trust and Security

Manned guarding, also known as static guarding, is a versatile security solution that can be implemented through in-house security personnel or outsourced to a reputable external provider like Paramount Security. Unlike mobile patrols, manned guards are dedicated to a specific business or location, working closely with employees and becoming familiar faces that installs confidence in your staff and visitors.

Our manned guards undertake various roles tailored to meet your specific needs. At Paramount Security, our officers are trained not only in security but also in customer service and reception duties, ensuring a seamless integration within your organisation.

Manned guarding is particularly beneficial for businesses with high footfall, frequent deliveries, or strict insurance requirements that necessitate a physical presence on-site. By assigning the same officers to your premises, they develop familiarity with your employees and business routines, embodying your company culture and upholding its reputation.

Additional Security Services for Comprehensive Protection

At Paramount Security, we offer a range of additional security services to further fortify your business:

Key Holding and Alarm Response:

Eliminate the need for your employees to act as key holders and respond to alarms during unsociable hours, minimising potential risks. Our reputable security experts manage a set of keys and swiftly respond to alarm activation’s. With an impressive average response time of just 25 minutes, our officers are trained in conflict management and crime scene preservation.

Locks and Unlocks:

Entrusting your employees with the responsibility of locking up at night and unlocking in the morning carries inherent risks, especially when they are alone. Paramount Security provides a reliable solution by holding a set of keys and offering flexible lock and unlock services tailored to your business needs. We can also assist with meeting deliveries and adapt to changes within your operations seamlessly.