For educational institutions, maintaining maximum security during weekends and school holidays is crucial. With valuable resources like iPads, computers, and interactive boards, having a reliable alarm system and keyholding service becomes essential. Paramount Security understands the importance of safeguarding educational premises, offering top-notch keyholding and mobile patrol services to ensure peace of mind for schools.

What is Keyholding for Schools?

Keyholding is a specialized security service where a reputable company holds an extra set of keys to a building or property. This service involves the provider responding to any alarm triggers or attempted unauthorised entries on a 24/7 basis.

Keyholding for Schools:

The dedicated keyholding team at Paramount Security acts promptly when they identify potential security threats, such as break-ins or intruders. In such cases, they take appropriate action, including alerting the authorities, conducting site inspections, and securing all entrances. Additionally, they keep schools informed about any incidents or situations that arise.

Why Do Schools Need Keyholding Services?

Due to the unattended nature of educational institutions during non-operational hours, weekends, and holidays, having a keyholding and alarm response service is essential. By investing in keyholding services, schools can effectively mitigate the risk of burglaries and promptly respond to any security breaches. Keyholders are trained to deactivate alarm systems, ensuring faster access to the building. They also conduct regular security checks and maintain records of any suspicious activity, ensuring the safety of the premises.

Benefits of Keyholding for Schools

Paramount Security’s keyholding services offer several advantages to educational institutions, including:

  1. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your school’s property is in the hands of professionals provides a sense of security and tranquility.

  2. Quick Reaction to Alarms: Keyholders respond swiftly to alarm triggers, minimising potential damage and ensuring a rapid resolution.

  3. Lower Insurance Rates: By implementing robust security measures like keyholding services, schools may be eligible for reduced insurance premiums.

  4. Reduced Risk of Crime: Keyholding services act as a strong deterrent against criminals, significantly reducing the likelihood of theft and vandalism.

Why Choose Paramount Security for Your School’s Security Needs?

At Paramount Security, we understand the value of protecting your school’s assets. Our team of trained and experienced mobile patrol security guards ensures comprehensive coverage, incorporating advanced technologies like CCTV systems and access control for enhanced protection.

Mobile Patrol Security for School Holidays

During school holidays, our mobile patrol service becomes an essential requirement. With a significant amount of time when the premises are unoccupied, our professionals monitor and patrol the area to identify and address potential security threats promptly.


Investing in keyholding services is a crucial step for educational institutions to maintain a secure environment during weekends and school holidays. Paramount Security offers expert keyholding and mobile patrol services, ensuring around-the-clock protection and rapid response to any security breaches. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your school stay secure. Let Paramount Security be your trusted partner in safeguarding your school and its valuable assets. Reach out to us now for further inquiries about our keyholding services.