The Importance of Student Accommodation Security

Universities and student accommodations can unfortunately be common sites for crime. Crimes can range from property crimes like theft and vandalism to physical crimes such as violence and threats. In the areas of Colchester, Essex, Suffolk, London, and Cambridgeshire, it is important to address the issue of crime and take steps to secure student accommodations.

According to the latest UK student accommodation statistics, there’s going to be 2.2 million students needing accommodation by 2026. That’s an increase of almost 39% since 2021.

According to crrime rates 1 in 10 of those students will become a victim of crime. Surveys found that London universities have the worst areas for student-relevant crime across England and Wales The top three types of crime students are most concerned about are violence, sexual crime, and theft, according to Neighbourhood Watch.

Crime negatively affects students and the university community as a whole. When students feel unsafe, they are not able to focus on their studies, fully experience university life, or feel comfortable in their surroundings. This situation detracts from the school, the community, and the area at large.

Importance of Proper Security Measures

To protect student accommodations, it is crucial to take proper steps to secure the properties. Many crimes that take place are crimes of opportunity. Criminals target buildings that don’t have adequate security measures in place. While most university-owned buildings have their own security, this isn’t always the case for independent or private properties. Criminals recognise this vulnerability and take advantage of it.

Student accommodation buildings are more than just buildings; they are homes for students. A home is supposed to be a safe place where one can relax. When crime rates are high, this sense of safety is compromised. Student accommodation buildings can create safer and more comfortable environments for the students who live there by taking security and safety seriously.

Securing Student Accommodations

To effectively secure student accommodations, it is important to have strong and visible deterrents in place. However, visibility alone is not enough. The property must also have measures in place that can actually prevent crimes. Unmonitored security cameras, for example, may not effectively stop crimes as they only gather evidence that can be used after the fact. Criminals can easily conceal their identities, making it difficult to identify them on video.

One effective security measure is manned guarding. Manned security guards can respond quickly to potential crimes, as they are always on-site. Their presence alone can deter criminals, as they are a visible sign that a location is protected. Security guards can also provide additional services such as access control, walking students to and from their cars, and assisting in medical emergencies. These added services improve overall safety and security at a building.

Choosing the Right Security Provider

Choosing the right security provider is crucial for securing student accommodations. At Paramount Security Solutions, we have been keeping people safe since 2014. Our team consists of fully vetted SIA-licensed security guards who have the skills and knowledge needed to keep student accommodation buildings safe and secure. We understand that security is not a one-size-fits-all situation, and we tailor our services to the unique needs of each property and situation.

To learn more about our manned guarding services, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality services, excellent support, and customer care.

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