It is undeniable that the security sector is one of the most fiercely contested industries across the UK, and for good reason. With some of the most dangerous areas in England and Wales experiencing year-on-year increases in their crime statistics, the need for investment in security solutions has become abundantly clear.

But which companies are gaining the largest market share of this surge in security and safety? At Churchill, we believe in being at the forefront of our industry, and that includes being aware of our competitors.

In this article, we will discuss what constitutes ‘the best security company’. When we search for ‘best security companies’, the results that appear are not necessarily the best, but rather the largest. The Infologue Top 20 (now an expanding Top 65) has become the go-to resource for finding out who is doing what.

But is this truly an accurate indicator of their quality? Let’s examine how the largest security companies in the UK compare based on their turnovers, and how you can make an informed decision on the right company for your needs.

25. Lodge Service

Incorporating a century of experience, Lodge Service is one of the oldest and most esteemed security companies in Gloucestershire and beyond. Established as a family-run enterprise in 1919, the company has flourished over the years, consistently achieving turnovers exceeding £10 million. In 2022, Lodge Service reached a new milestone with a record-breaking turnover of £22 million.

24. STM Group

Founded in 2005 as a small startup in London, STM Group has rapidly emerged as a prominent security provider, expanding its operations to become a nationwide presence with offices in both London and Manchester. This growth trajectory culminated in a remarkable turnover of £31 million in 2022, solidifying STM Group’s position on this list.

23. Showsec

Recognised for their expertise in managing security at live music and sporting events, Showsec has established itself as one of the most renowned security firms in the UK. Their strong reputation and widespread recognition have contributed to consistent turnovers exceeding £25 million. In 2022, Showsec experienced significant growth, recording a substantial turnover of £32 million.

22. Professional Security

Specializing in serving the hospitality and leisure industry, Professional Security, also known as Effective Security Services, boasts an impressive portfolio of high-profile clients, including entertainment venues, restaurants, and bars. These key partnerships have significantly contributed to their substantial annual turnover, which peaked at £36 million in the previous year.

21. Bold Security Group

Despite being a relatively young company, Bold Security Group has experienced a meteoric rise since its establishment in 2011. Their rapid growth trajectory is reflected in their latest fiscal year, which yielded an unprecedented turnover of £43 million. This remarkable achievement has secured Bold Security Group a prominent position on this list.

20. Ward Security

Ward Security is guided by the principles of purposefulness, vision, and service, which have enabled them to provide high-quality security services. Their commitment to excellence has proven successful, as evidenced by their highest-ever turnover of £44 million in 2022. Ward Security’s dedication to quality has positioned them as a leading security company in the UK.

19. Man Commercial Protection

As a pillar of the security industry, Man Commercial Protection has built a strong reputation during their 30 years in operation. Their long-standing presence and stellar track record have propelled them to rank highly among the biggest security companies in the UK. In the most recent financial year, Man Commercial Protection achieved a record turnover of £52 million.

18. interr Security

Founded in response to a perceived gap in the market, interr Security was established by two European entrepreneurs aiming to provide robust security services to meet industry demands. This innovative approach has led to the company’s substantial growth, with a turnover of £54 million in 2022.

17. Profile Security Services

Profile Security Services attributes its continued success and substantial £57 million turnover in 2022 to its strategic approach of selectively pursuing contracts and jobs. This ethos has been ingrained since the company’s inception in 1989, contributing to their outstanding performance as a top security company in the UK.

16. Loomis Security

Known for their armored security vehicles serving businesses of all sizes, Loomis has become a household name in the security industry. With over 31 years of experience, Loomis has thrived, achieving a significant turnover of £67 million in 2022.

15. CIS Security

Established in 1969, CIS Security has a strong foundation rooted in law enforcement and security, thanks to its founders. Their deep understanding of the industry, coupled with their commitment to excellence, has solidified CIS Security’s position as a top security company in the UK. Their latest annual turnover of £79 million further underscores their success.

14. Corps Security

Originating as a social enterprise providing employment to former military personnel, Corps Security has evolved into a multimillion-pound business. With a heritage dating back to the 19th century, Corps Security achieved a record-breaking turnover of £85 million in 2022.

13. Amberstone

Established in 2016, Amberstone has quickly made a name for itself in the security industry with its high-tech approach. The company’s niche in the market is supported by a substantial turnover of £87 million in 2022.

12. Carlisle Support Services

Founded in 2011, Carlisle Support Services places a strong emphasis on understanding the “why” behind their operations. This approach has been instrumental in their continued success, culminating in their best year yet with a turnover of £96 million in 2022.

11. Sodexo

Originally focused on food services in Marseille, France, Sodexo has grown into one of the largest security companies in the UK. With a broad range of interconnected services, Sodexo generates substantial revenue, recording a total turnover of £103 million in 2022.

10. SSGC

Securing the tenth spot is SSGC, the UK’s most advanced security firm. With positive figures in previous years, SSGC’s latest turnover of £104 million solidifies their position among the top security companies in the country.


Driven by innovation, ICTS UK has positioned itself at the forefront of the security industry since its establishment in 1987. Their consistent year-on-year revenue and profits have propelled them to become one of the top 10 largest security companies in the UK, with a turnover of £112 million in 2022.

8. Kingdom Security

With consistent growth and rising turnover and profit margins, Kingdom Security has established itself as a successful security company over its 30 years in the industry. In 2022, Kingdom Security achieved its highest turnover yet, reaching £132.4 million.

7. Total Security Services (TSS)

Total Security Services (TSS) has gained recognition for its exceptional customer satisfaction and positive reviews. Their record-breaking turnover of £132.7 million in 2022 is a testament to their core values and achievements in the security sector.

6. OCS Group Limited

With a remarkable 123-year history, OCS Group started as a one-man window cleaning company and has since grown into a multimillion-pound business. In 2022, OCS Group achieved a colossal turnover of £166 million.

5. Wilson James

Established in 1988, Wilson James has experienced significant growth and expansion. Their turnover has consistently increased over the years, with 2022 reaching an impressive £229 million, accompanied by substantial profits.

4. Securitas Security Services

Securitas Security Services, originating from Sweden, has gained international recognition and a strong foothold in the UK security market. Their extensive reach and well-established position contribute to one of the highest turnovers on this list, with £258 million in 2022.

3. Bidvest Noonan

Bidvest Noonan’s recognition and success in the security industry secure them a podium position on this list. Their emphasis on selecting contracts strategically and pursuing quality jobs has contributed to a remarkable turnover of £357 million in 2022.

2. G4S

As the second-largest security company in the UK, G4S has a significant presence in both national and international markets. Their involvement in large-scale projects has resulted in consistently high turnovers. In 2022, G4S achieved a record-breaking turnover of £797 million.

1. Mitie

Mitie holds the distinction of being the largest security company in the UK. Despite not being immediately recognizable to all, Mitie’s impact spans a wide range of sectors and industries. Their unfathomable profits year after year culminated in a staggering turnover of £883 million in 2022.